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1. Basic Summary of the WMFL

The idea of this league is basically simulation football. We do not have 32 teams but we create a schedule and model it after the NFL. We use a stat-site called LeagueDaddy and it takes care of our standings and stats.

On top of the season, we plan to organize an "expansion" tournament since we will expand a few teams every few seasons.

2. Game play

All games will be played across Nintendo Wi-Fi. The two opponents will communicate through the message board and come up with a time they can both play. There is a Contact Information thread where you can find information on all owners. Remember, we have just put a chat room into the message boards for you to use. Please use it to your advantage for scheduling and talk to each other during the game. Since we can't talk to each other over EA with what we want or need to say, the chat can be very helpful.

Two weeks will be unlocked on LeagueDaddy every ten days. If the games are finished sooner than the games will be unlocked sooner.

The Quarter Length of all games will be 5 minutes and played on All-Pro with Ranked & Fair Play optional but enabled by default. If you're opponent does not like the rules of "Fair Play" or want a Ranked game then you may turn those features off. Do not abuse Fair Play if the feature is turned off. Fair Play is an attempt by EA to prevent players from running up the score but it adversely affects any player that is down big, early in a game. If the game is tied or a player is down 1 score there is no reason to take advantage of Fair Play being turned off until the 4th quarter or OT.

- Don't go for it every fourth down ESPECIALLY if you are in your own end. It's stupid (and I shouldn't need to tell to why). Do NOT do it when you're up by more than two scores.

- Don't run around on the goal line just to kill time. This is ridiculous. You've got your touchdown locked up and you don't need to rub it in more by running around.

- Don't dive into the endzone on every touchdown. Maybe the first of the game...maybe a winning touchdown. But when you're up four scores do you really need to dive into the endzone? Your point has already been proven.

- Do not take control of your receiver and push defenders out of the way. You know that you do it because you won't get called for pass interference. Don't do it here.

- Do not run the clock. There is no reason to run the clock down to 0 every time you have a play. In the second and fourth quarters, run the clock and control it. Don't kill five minutes every time you have the ball. It's not fun for your opponent and as much as this is a sim league, it's supposed to be fun.

-Do not use the Wildcat formation over and over. It's okay to mix it into your plays every now and then but if you end up using it for entire drives like some people do then we know why you're doing it. You're doing it because you know that none of the defender cover the quarterback unless a human controls it ;)

- Do not run up the score. If you're up by three scores, please lay off. Either run the ball or short pass plays. No need to throw for anything over 15 yards unless you had some bad penalties to put you in a hole.

- Please don't do those coffin corner kick-offs every single kick-off. As for kicking it out of bounds, I don't know why anyone would want to give the ball to the other team at the 40 so I don't think that needs to be addressed. I haven't seen kick-offs done like that in the real NFL so don't do it EVERY play here. Don't squib every time either. For example, I try to keep my kicks between the numbers and it seems to work for me. I do understand that there can be remote malfunctions so there's an exception. An exception would also be if your opponent is tearing you apart on the returns. If they're running back 20 yards a return, whatever...but 35-50 yards is a different story. I understand why these kicks would be used but please not every single kick-off.

3. Disconnections

There are bound to be disconnections throughout the season, accidental or not, so the two players can decide if they should replay a quarter, a half, or the whole game again depending on how close the game was and how much time was left.

Please be sportsmanlike. Don't disconnect if you're losing on purpose and don't whine about it all over the message board. If that's the case, you won't play with us anymore.

4. Reporting Stats

We use LeagueDaddy to report scores. To find your game...from LeagueDaddy click on "Schedule" and then find the Week you want. Click on your game and then enter the stats, from the game page, click on (YOUR TEAM) Player Stats and that's where you enter the individual stats.


Everyone has their own unique way of recording stats. Some stay connected and bring a laptop near the TV and record that way, some write them down, some record them with a DVD player and play them back when it's time to record, and some take pictures of the screen. Do it any way you want :)

Please note that there is a Printable Stat Form available on LeagueDaddy. Just put your mouse over "Stats" and click Printable Stat Form.

5. Communication

Everyone can communicate through the message board, e-mail, or some form of messenger. Remember the Contact Information thread and the Chat implemented into the WiiMFL forum.

Do not no-show people. If you discuss and come up with a time and you don't show and don't give warning, you will be warned on first offence. If you do it again, you may just get replaced. Sometimes there are instances where this is not possible so just let us know when you are able to return! "I had to feed my dog" isn't really an excuse. There are 23 other hours in the day when you could have done that.

6. Fun Stuff

At the end of the year, Season Awards will be awarded in which everyone has a chance to vote for.

Check out the Season Leaders sections all of LeagueDaddy and there are some players here that compile highlights. If you record your games, let us see! Post them into the message board using the YouTube tags so we can see all the highlights from the WiiMFL.

7. Have fun.